44 days to ACTIVATE YOUR MAGIC and cultivate your flow, divine downloads and limitless human potential to step into your next level of IntuitionImpact, & Influence!
We all have a spiritual connection yet so many of us don't trust it. This is your opportunity to trust and to activate what's already within you!

To the woman who.... 
knows she is MEANT for MORE
gives to others and gives from her heart 
is ready to RECEIVE 
desires to TRUST....herself, others and the universe/ God 
is intuitive and knows there is something magical within her
is READY to ACTIVATE her spiritual gifts, psychic ability and connection to the divine
DESIRES MORE in every aspect and is READY

Beautiful Woman it is YOUR TIME! 

"I’ve been working with Dr. Katie this past year and it’s been wonderful. I’m 45 years old and have been sick since I was 7 years old. Having cancer as a child, and all the harsh treatments I underwent, has caused health issues well into my adult years. I’ve felt stuck to say the least. Katie has helped me get on a better path of health and overall wellness. I have shifted my health, my mindset and my business is growing! Her channeling has helped serve as a guide for some big questions I’ve had about the direction I should take with my health and my business. My last channeling left me feeling hopeful and gave me a lot of clarity. Katie is joyful, smart, loving, and magical. I’m excited for my continued path with her." -

Heidi Austin, TX Entrepreneur, Owner of Vibrant MedSpa 
You are a GODDESS and here for world changing IMPACT! 
You know it's not just about you and you're here to be a channel for the divine/ spirit/ universe to flow through you. 
You are spiritual and you know there is something special about you and you desire to UNDERSTAND it and use your intuitive gifts for GOOD!

You LOVE creating and transforming others lives AND you're ready to turn it up the volume and OWN your MAGIC!  
You are on a spiritual journey...whether that is just starting or you just had a deeper spiritual awakening and you are READY for MORE! 

You desire more ease and flow and less stress worry and overwhelm over health, money, clients, relationships... off of it. 
You KNOW there is SO MUCH MORE for you. 
AND you desire to do it faster, in less time and in PURE FLOW!

Ready to ACTIVATE your MAGICAL LIFE and Business?!?

You desire to learn about energy, frequency and the magic within you.
You desire to be a money magnet and ooze confidence and grace.
You desire to be in alignment and integrity with your purpose
You desire to AMPLIFY your spiritual gifts and harness your divinity. 

You are ready to become limitless (like Bradley Cooper does in the movie...minus taking the little white pill) and access all the parts of your brain and being for wealth, success, love and influence.

You are ready to activate flow where time stands still, and  you get more done in 2 hours than most humans do in a whole day...even in a week. 
You are ready to be SUPERWOMAN with clear thoughts and limitless energy...you want to ENJOY your life and business and have MORE FUN! 

You are ready to co-create with the divine and be a channel for spiritual and divine energy to flow THROUGH you. You are ready to OWN your spiritual gifts and amplify your intuitive knowing and TRUST! 

You are SO ready for this love...
let's ACTIVATE your Magic! 
Activate your Magic is a 44 day intensive program & container led by Dr. Katie Henry to guide you to activate what is already inside of you and help you maximize your fullest potential as a leader, healer, partner, entrepreneur and much more!

It's the fusion of neuroscience, energy work, channeling & mindset at your fingertips!
Release Old Paradigms to Activate your Magic  identify and understand your spiritual gifts, access Higher Levels of Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension while Clearing any Blocks and releasing old patterns
Activate your SUPERPOWERS and Be the Channel by amplifying your gifts, working with spirit/ God/ the divine, embodying of your purpose and making the income you deserve and desire!
 Clear your Channel to UNLEASH your fullest potential, understand how to work with your body and fuel your body & mind, optimize all areas of your brain & access next level creativity and FLOW
Embodying BRAVE leadership, to show up with confidence and certainty in your work and your skills, higher income levels and abundance through authentic leadership and becoming a magnetic leader and influencer
And right now, you can join for $1222! 
(payment plan with payments of $222 also available)
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  5 Modules with 60 minute trainings from Dr. Katie Henry (value $5555) 
  • ​Module 1= Release Old Paradigms to Activate your Magic Higher Levels of Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension while Clearing any Blocks and releasing old patterns; spiritual tools to release blocks or stagnant energy, mindset tools to release old paradigms and programs of lack, fear and scarcity  (value $1111) 
  • ​Module 2= Clear your Channel and Honor your Body: Unleash your fullest potential, fuel your body to thrive and be a clear vessel, optimize all areas of your brain & access next level creativity and FLOW; how to access areas of your brain to be a more powerful influence (value $1111) 
  • ​Module 3 Activate your Superpowers: Identify your spiritual gifts, learn how to strengthen them, understand and amplify your intuition, how to tap into FLOW state (get a lot done in little/ no time); shifting your energy and state into higher frequencies to attract more joy, love, money, health, upgrade your frequency, and expand into abundance (value $1111) 
  • ​Module 4 Be the Channel: basics of channeling, practice on how to channel and identify and access your spiritual gifts, channeled writing and understanding your spiritual gifts, practice channeling within the community (value $1111)
  • ​Module 5= Embodying Brave Leadership: Embodying your Purpose and your Message,  how to bravely lead and impact millions by being your fullest expression of yourself and your truth; Embody your Joy Codes, Becoming Magnetic (value $1111) 
  • The CONTAINER: 33 days in an Energetic Container with Dr. Katie to activate the frequency of MAGIC, JOY, WEALTH, LEADERSHIP and access parts of your spiritual gifts and energy like you never have before.....ready to be LIMITLESS?!? (value= PRICELESS) 
  • Weekly workbooks, journal prompts and practical action steps to take for each module (value $2222) 
  • Weekly LIVE Channeling with Dr. Katie Henry where you ask a question on your heart, Katie taps into source and channels divine messages for you (value $3333) 
  • ​Weekly Meditations to ACTIVATE your next level (value $497) 
  • ​ Coded Frequency Affirmations and Activations for Wealth and Abundance (value $97)
  • ​ BONUS: TWO Q and A calls with Dr. Katie Henry to ask ANYTHING  (value $2222) 
That's well over $16,555 value for $1222
" My first experience with Katie was during one of her live channeling sessions. I don't even know how I found it but it popped into my feed one night while scrolling my phone and I'm so glad she caught my attention. I asked a vague question about transitioning out of a job and into my business and her answer was anything but vague. I swear it was like she knew everything about me and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Katie was the real deal. Her answer to me gave me clarity and healing which instantly shifted a block that I was struggling with and got me into action. I've gone on to work with Katie in multiple capacities since that first reading. Her intuitive skills are off the charts and she has the strategy know-how to back it up. I get caring and love when I need it and I get a kick in the ass when I need that too. I think it is the balance of high vibe intuitive healer and intense, fire starter energy that makes Katie a unique and special coach." - Kelly Marshall; CPA, Financial Success and Money mindset Coach 
You are SO ready for this! The next container opens 1/11/2021

Working with Katie and the results and growth that have happened in just 6 weeks are nothing I have ever experienced in my life. Not only has my mindset completely shifted, but I feel free and ready to share my passion and joy with the world. Katie challenged me to launch my first online program for my dog training business and I DID. Without her, the tools she taught me, and the supportive community in the course, I wouldn't be where I'm at right now. Everyone should take this course... especially if you want personal and professional growth and are ready to share your passion with the world.
Sammie S - Entrepreneur and Holistic Dog Trainer 
“Working with Katie has been amazing, her  work and her courses are powerful AF! It pushed me out of my comfort zone, pushed me to dig deep and although it may have triggered me, it was needed. This course and Katie's mentoring has helped me break through some limiting beliefs I've been carrying around for years, it's helped me see how valuable I am and what I have to offer the world cannot wait! I am good enough, knowledgable enough and badass enough NOW!! Nothing can hold me back but ME and I choose to choose again thanks to Katie's amazing course. If you're ready to take your business and life to the next level and raise your vibe...THIS course if for you! Katie WILL get you to the next level! Up is the only way to go
Jen G. - Marconics Healer, Holistic Health Coach and phenomenal Momma
Who is Dr. Katie Henry?
Dr. Katie Henry is Intuitive Business coach, a channel, an intuitive, Energy Healer, Holistic Health and Brain Health coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy, affiliate marketing Queen. She is an expert in the brain, intuitive healing, energy, business and joy. Dr. Katie empowers heart-centered entrepreneurs and healers to infuse joy and higher consciousness into all areas of their life/ business and to tap into their magic.   We get to activate ourselves to live our FULLEST potential...more of our brain, energy, body, mind and spirit..ALL of it! We ARE MAGIC! 

She got her doctor of physical therapy from Duke University and is an expert in mindset, neuroscience, and the brain. She has taught at Northwestern University's Medical school and spoken all over the US. In addition to her formal education, she dove deep into learning and her spiritual practice and became a spiritual teacher, business mentor,  yoga/meditation, and reiki teacher, Licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter Session Facilitator, EFT practitioner, author, and speaker. She is a divine channel and does channeling and mediumship while infusing it with energy work and practical action steps in your life and business....it really is MAGIC! 

Dr. Katie believes life is full of lessons that build character and faith. Joy is our natural state so tap into the curiosity, wonder, fearlessness, and joy within you. When she’s not changing lives, you can find Katie jamming to music, laughing, attending a SoulCycle or yoga class, wandering through nature, journaling, reading, and day-dreaming of her next travel adventure. She left Chicago summer of 2017 and most of her possessions in storage and is traveling the US and the globe infusing joy everywhere she goes. She now lives in Austin, TX with her fiance activating people to their fullest potential.

Activate YOUR fullest potential because You are MAGIC!
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